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Sometimes I Give Into Sadness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Breeny <3

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songs [Nov. 21st, 2008|01:01 pm]
Breeny <3
nina sky ft rick ross - curtain call
snoop ft justin timberlake - signs
jadakiss - still feel me
jeezy - my president is black
kanye west - go hard
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(no subject) [Jul. 7th, 2007|01:37 pm]
Breeny <3

What can I do to make this work? There are times when i feel like im on the edge, and the only thing you have to do to pull me back is to hold me, hug me. Apologize, be sincere, be real. I'm trying my hardest now, I just want to be happy... with you. Im to the point now when i'm losing hope that we'll ever make it. I know i can make it alone, but i want to be with you. I want YOU by my side. If it isnt gonna work, and if nothing is ever going to change then i pray to God that he gives me signs to let me know its okay to move on. This may be my sign. But I'm askin that you try, just as hard as I'm trying to make it work.

im giving up..
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(no subject) [Jun. 26th, 2007|03:39 am]
Breeny <3
Well, my relationship with tay has come to an end after 9 months. i knew it was bound to happen so theres not much i can say really cept this shyt hurts alot. we decided 2 still be friends which is better than nada, that much told me that he still cares. we sat on his porch n talked for a hr n a half. this had 2 be the hardest thing i eva been thru, but at least i can learn from it. ima focus on me from now on.
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(no subject) [Apr. 26th, 2007|04:48 pm]
Breeny <3
Im updating from my phone so this will b short, things are a lil better 4 me. me and tavol are taking a break, but its a good break, not a bad 1 cuz weve been gettin along alot better now that we are givin each other a lil space. the whole plan was 2 take things back the way they used 2 be cuz we def. got along better back then and im just trying to save our relationship. so far i think things are working out 4 the better. school is quickly comming to an end, i need to get on my grind and go 2 school everyday, good news is i have a A in english! im gonna try to start a diet back up, just so i feel better about myself over the summer. ive become a fruit feind anyway lol.
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Strickly for My A.M.I.G.O.Z [Mar. 6th, 2005|07:12 pm]
Breeny <3
Friends Only...*
Image hosting by Photobucket


Why I made it FO:

- People read this and go back tell what they read in school
- I don't want the whole world in my business

- Make sure we have something in common first
- Leave a comment telling where you know me from

- you're a stalker
- you're annoying
- you do a trillion quizes/surveys
- you dont comment regularly

I'm not huge on Friends Cuts, but please don't ask to be added if you never update or comment at all.

uNO <3
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(no subject) [Mar. 6th, 2005|04:35 pm]
Breeny <3
I've decided that i'm going to say something nice about everyone on my Buddy List starting with the people who are signed on:

goldenbrown88 (shanaz) - Shanaz oh my, i feel like we are so much alike. You're so smart and beautiful, U give me THE BEST advice when im most desparatly in need of it. You're like an older sisters whose always there to help me out and lend ur kind words. much love mama!

Sweetazzgirl4u (autumn) - I love this girl! shes always there to blow up my phone with text messages lol. I'm so glad that we became friends this year because ur one of the best friends anyone could ask for. we have had soo many fun times chillin at the mall/movies/lazer tag/ school/ur house i always have fun with u. Thanx for always bein there.

Bzzythuggirl25 (khristian) - wow what can i say? Khristian u have been one of my best friends since 8th grade. lol we've had alot of fun (sleepovers, going to the club,bball games, hawthorne last spring break, mall, driving, etc) i'd have to say u probably know me the best out of anyone i know. We've gone through so much, u've been there for me when i was goin through the whole Brian Lee AND Brian Carmon thing lol. U alwayz keep me in check and i love u!!

Jigga5047 (Wayne) - Wayne is definatly one of the coolest people i know. Believe it or not i used to be scared of you hahaha! I can remember seeing you for the first time at band camp in 9th grade and saying to myself you definatly dont look like someone who'd be in band. haha well anyways your the best. i love u wayne, ur a great friend, and a great basketball player. I'm gonna miss u so much after you graduate this year. We've definatly had some great memories (the night we almost got arrested rofl) i dont think i'll ever forget that night with u and the 14 yr old (dies) ur definatly gonna be someone who i'll miss the most after u guys leave this year. aww.

uh oh cookie (mike) - wow we haven't talked in a while. what happened?? i miss u alot, we were good friends in 9th grade, i'll never forget how u were there for me when i needed someone to talk to. ur one of the realest people i know. i hope u never change. we really need to talk/chill again sometime soon! love ya!

bmorenrocgurl4lyf (kirstin) - lmao, we always geek no matter what the situation is. we always have fun together. i'm glad to have a friend like u kirstin! damn i'll never forget gym class in 9th grade.. that was one of my funnest classes last year cuz of u, brittany b, indya, ashley and tiffany not to mention all the boys who were also in our class.

reloaded603 (mike) - lol mike moffet ur a funny character. Damnit i used to hate how u were always better than me on the clarinet lol we had fun in band last year we used to sit next to each other and make fun of Liz rofl. ur a good clarinet player. hopefully one day i'll sound like that (yea right)

imalylprincess74 (lacey) - we've been friends since middle school! i cant exactly remember when i met u but i remember how we were friends in 8th grade. me and u had some fun times as well (remember the hole in my sock) rofl. halloween was fun too.

DanC3 x Nak3d (kristin) - i love this girl so much! kristin ur one of my best friends/band buddies lol. i remember when we met at the rehersals before band camp u were all quiet lmao anyways ur the best. im glad to have made a friend like u u make band fun lol. i cant wait til DISNEY TRIP 06!! me and u are gonna have so much fun.

alilbitdevilish - (arielle) wow, we havent chilled in so long but i remember in 7th and 8th grade u were my homegirl!! i miss the hell out of u, it sucks that we dont talk no more.

alwaisbmybo0 (caitlyn) - man i miss u so much. we've been friends since 6th grade u were cool as shit im glad we still talk on aim sometimes so we can still keep in touch.

AngelOfMusic905 (amber) - wow, what a talented girl. ur so lucky to be able to be so gifted in music. i wish u and phil the best.

babyphat66000 (connie) - oh my jesus girl me and u have been really good friends since 6th grade!! i remember meeting you the first day of middle school, ur a awesome chick. i'll never forget how u were there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry on when things were all fucked up with Brian. I miss u and i hope u come back to kenwood soon.

Heavenlyangel389 (kristina) - hey chick! we been friends since 9th grade. u are awesome and so smart! im glad that we had to suffer through Sollars Point together last year lol. I hope ur doing well there. We always have fun in chemistry class. stay cool!!

ballababi9898 (rachel t.) - i really miss you alot. you've been one of my best friends since 6th grade. we were always like sisters, i love u to death rachel! i miss hangin out/ sleepovers and all that good stuff we used to do together. we really need to chill sometime soon! love ya!

bandkid (Niki) - wow u are so talented and smart. I wish i were as good as you on the clarinet, cuz ur a beast! lol I can see you being really successful in the future. Good luck getting into Towson!

bbgurlhunny00 (Lacey B.) - you make me laugh alot!! lol i love u lacey ur awesome, u make band really fun im glad we met! btw, cant forget bout that DISNEY TRIP 06!! we're gonna have so much fun.

bg114 (Sarah) - hey, ur a pretty cool girl. glad we got to meet in band this year, even though we dont talk as much as we did in the beginning of the year. hopefully u'll stay in band for ur 10th grade year, we're really gonna need those snare players when brandon leaves.

BmOrEbOy07 (drew) - i honestly cant remember the last time i talked to u! but we had alot of fun at sollers last year. hope ur doing well.

fallenangel7214 (julia) - wow i love this girl, shes awesome and a great flute player. ur a really good friend, thanks for being there when i needed someone to talk to. muahs

fatboy1206 (steven) - i see u everyday lol we have fun being stupid in chef ryans class, we've known each other for a while.. i think since 7th grade!

foxy0422 (heather) - I remember meeting you the first day of 9th grade. you are so pretty, and im glad we went to sollers together last year. we have fun in mr richards class, well, ms dunns class now. ur cool, thnx for always makin me laugh.

fresh2death001 (tim) - MY SON!! lol tim is my homeboy! me and u been friends since 9th grade!! ur really cool, and funny, i miss not having u in concert band anymore. we used to geek alot lol. u always make me feel better tim. thnx for bein a good friend.

Ggentleman06 (peter) - wow peter. you are an amazing friend, i dont know who else i could stay up talking to for 4-5 hours at a time and not getting bored while doing it. u make me happy to know that not all males are clowns, ur different, and im glad we met.

I pReChUz ThUg I (neni) - NENI!!! oh geez u've been like a big sister to me. we've been friends for like 2-3 years now u've always been there for me and i love u for that. Although we dont talk much anymore dont think i've forgot about u. Hope u and Rick the best of luck. muah

itmakesucum (p) - me and you had alot of good and bad times. I'm glad things are different now. u always had a way of making me feel better about myself, so i'm thankful for that, ur the only person who i know who can keep me up at night allowing me to run up their cell phone bill with text messages and u never get mad at me for it lol. <33

jewlzo330 (julianna)- i cant remember the last time we talked, but we were best friends in 7th grade and chilled again in 9th grade. lol i had my first weed smoking expierence with u remember that lmaooo we geeked so hard. ur a really good friend, i hope that soon we can talk and hang out again. i miss u girl!

Jluvs02 (joe) - geez we havent talked in so long, i kinda miss talking to you!!! u always made me laugh and u gave some of the best advice, i hope your doing well. miss u.

jsouljahboi (jermaine) - well we only talked for a little while then stopped lol, we always saw each other in school but rarely spoke to each other. its kinda cute that u had a crush on my sister in elementary school lol haha. well, hope to talk to u soon!

KHS Band Chick (julie) - oh my, u are such a great person. You were one of the very first people i met when i came to Kenwood. I'll never forget how u've helped me and been a good rolemodel for everybody. ur a smart girl and i wish u THE BEST in the future.

kj71288 (melissa) - the way we met was so strange hahaha but out of that wierdness i've made a good friend! u've gon through so much stuff, and through it all u still remain strong. I wish u and Rob the best.

leeyiah (lisa) - we met a while ago on BBDC!! u were a great friend, and a great person, I hope to talk to u soon, i hope ur doing well at Morgan, and i hope u and ur bf are doing well.

lyl babi gurl 86 (jen) - u were one of the first people i ever met at kenwood and i miss talking to you because u were so cool. thanks for always being there to help me with the whole brian thing. i hope ur doing well in college. we gotta talk soon!

PrclssBabygurl (alyssa) - we dont talk much anymore, i miss u alot. we were good friends in 8th grade we gotta hang out again sometime. good luck at eastern!

prettyricky33 (brandon) - brandon im gonna miss u alot when u graduate. ur a good person, really, one of the nicest people i've ever met. I wish u the best in the future, hopefully u'll continue to play percussion when u leave kenwood. I wish u the best!

punk in a boxxx (shannon) - u are so effin funny mann lmao i love ur sense of humor u make me laugh alot. im so glad we became friends this year cuz ur the best! well, one year left of mccracken for u! lol i wish u and tom the best. muah!

rjr2117 (rob) - rob ur hilarious, definatly the class clown of band, and its soooo funny how ur completly different out of school than in school haha. (remember the night we almost got that ticket) u make me laugh alot, im gonna miss u when u gradute. good luck in the future, and good luck with Melissa!

shanshan0407 (shannon) - girl, we've been through alot. I'm glad i met u last year, who would have known that me and u, the two girls obsessed over brian would become such good friends lol. love u a lot. muah

TJsno1chick (krystal) - lol ur like my mini me, u remind me soooo much of myself. i'm glad we met this year ur gonna be great in band. thanks for making me laugh, i wish u and tim the best.

x3iLL2giLL7x (gill) - hey we met on LJ in the mulatto community. ur a cool chick!! and your so pretty. i really do wish i had ur beautiful hair lol. well good luck with those guys, and a early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

youngcarmon (Brian) - me and you have had a lot of good and bad times. i remember the first day i saw you, the first day we met, the first day you touched me, all of that. I never thought that by comming to kenwood i'd meet someone who i'd be completely sprung over, and i never thought i'd fall for someone as hard as i did for you. Even though in 9th grade you were completely mean to me, you have been so nice to me this year, and it still takes me by surprise how much things have changed. You are a really good friend, and a good person i see it in you. I dont think i'll ever forget the day you came up to me and asked me why i was crying, and sat there and talked to me and told me you'd be there for me. You are such a wonderful person deep down, and u have a good heart. I wish you the best after graduation, im glad to see that you've made it this far, i knew u had it in you. Make the best of yourself Brian, i know you can. lots of love.

edit: i forgot aubrey

ryzlylbabigrl (aubrey) - Aubrey u are so amazing and i mean that whole heartly, You've gone through so much, and ur really one of the strongest people i think i've ever met. You're so nice to everybody, i dont think i've ever seen u be mean or disrespectful to anyone. U've even been there for me when i need a friend or someone to talk to. so i just wanted to say thanks for that, i'm glad we got to meet even though we dont talk much. hopefully next year i'll move up to wind ensemble and we'll be in the same band class. good luck with Ryan. <33

sorry if i forgot some people, i tried to get most of the people on my list but i know for a fact i didnt get everybody. plz leave comments. this took forever lol. i love u guys.
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Stolen from Shanaz LJ (goldenbrown88) [Mar. 6th, 2005|04:25 pm]
Breeny <3
Infatiation is fleeting desire- one set of glands calling to another. It is marked by a feeling of insecurity. You are excited and eager but not genuinely happy. There are nagging doubts, unanswered questions, little bits and pieces aabout the relationship that you would just as soon not examine too closely. It might spoil the dream.

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It takes root and grows, one day at a time. It is quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection. It gives you strength and grows beyond you to bolster your beloved. You are warmed by his or her presence, even when he or she is away. Miles do not separate you/ But near or far, you know that he or she is yours, and you can wait.

Infatuation says "We must have sex or get married right away. I can't risk losing this person." Love says, "Be patient. Don't panic. Plan your future with confidence."

Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. Whenever you are together, you hope it will end in intimacy. Love is not based on sex. It is the maturation of friendship that makes sex so much sweeter. You must be friends before you can be lovers.

Infatuation lacks confidence. When your crush is away, you wonder if he or she is being unfaithful. Sometimes, you check.

Love means trust. You are calm, secure and unthreatened. Your significant other feels your trust, and it makes him or her even more trustworthy. Love never steers you in the wrong direction.

Love is elevating. It lifts you up. It makes you look up. It makes tou better than you were before.

-Ann Landers
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2005|03:02 pm]
Breeny <3
im gettin so fuckin tierd and pissed off. the fuckin guy who runs the hall keeps saying to come in the next day to see him about the scedule, but every fucking time we come in hes never there, and hes like "come in tomorrow" its a constant fuckin cycle and im getting tierd of it. i dont want to have my party there hes so fuckin unreliable and hes taking TOO LONG. i dont see why we cant just find another place to have it at.
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You think you know, but you have no idea... [Mar. 5th, 2005|10:13 am]
Breeny <3
10 Things People Don't Know About Me

1. I'm really not as mean as i act in school. I don't know what it is but this year i've seemed to take on that bitch role of talking about people, making fun of people, etc. I don't know where it came from. But honestly, thats not me. And i often dont see the point in why i do it. Its a bad habit that I need to get over.

2. I AM NOT BLACK! I'm mulatto damnit. People always be like "well, cuz you're black", i'm not black. My mother is black, which makes me only 1/2 black. My father is Puerto Rican/Italian, which makes me 1/4 Rican, and 1/4 Italian. I'm a mutt.

3. Going along with numbero dos, I don't only listen to Rap music. Yes, rap and R&B happen to be my favorites, but that doesn't mean you wont catch me listening to some rock, some poppy stuff. I listen to everything. get over it.

4. I'm not as dumb as I seem. Yea i know thats hard to explain when you've scored a 880 on your psats, haven't had honor roll since 1st quarter of 9th grade and somehow seem to fail some of the easiest classes such as Band, and Geometry. I'm an extremely lazy person when it comes to school, and thats something that i've newly aqquired. I honestly do care about my grades, but i cant deny the fact that I'm a procrastinator. Comming to Kenwood has honestly, changed who I am. In some good ways and some bad ways, this would have to be one of the bad ways. But it is my fault too.

5. I have a really bad home life. I know a lot of people who wish that they had my family, but i honestly cant see why. We go through a lot, yea so not everything is as perfect as some of you may think.

6. In the past, (middle school & 9th grade) I had a ED.

7. I'm completely obsessive/compulsive. it just hasnt been diagnosed yet.

8. I wish I could get to know some of you better, through reading your LJs i've noticed that i'm missing out on getting to know some great people. i've came to realize that everyone that i have on my friends list, has in some way affected my life positively. and thats great.

9. yes, my hair is naturally curly. very curly.

10. I have extremely low self esteem. Many of you already know this, but for the ones who didn't, now you know.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2005|10:00 pm]
Breeny <3
pics taken todayCollapse )
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